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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Cerne DB

What We Offer

What We Offer

Our Custom made software enables your business to make Data Driven Decisions. By meticulously organizing your data, hosting it on AWS, and giving you cross-platform access your business is enabled to see trends, find flaws, and improve your systems. Your business should be frictionless.

Data Visualization

Using Custom Charting scripts D3 & C3, you are able to see your data in easy-to-understand formats


Custom Databases

Everything we do revolves around Custom Databases. Taking your data, organizing it, and making it easy to access. 


Cross-Platform Access

Welcome to the Cloud! Hosted on AWS, we enable you to have access to your data from anywhere wold-wide, on Computers, Tablets, and Phones!

Key Performance Indicators

With numerous spreadsheets that are thousands of rows deep and just as wide, it is hard to make sense of your data. 

By establishing your Key Performance Indicators, we are able to help you make decisions that will further ensure the success of your company. 

If you’re not sure what your KPIs are, we’re happy to consult with you to help you determine what makes your business tick. 




See what Past Clients are saying!

This, to me, is very, very key to how we shape the department in the future. It’s related to what we hope to do in terms of our record management system down the road and how we integrate all these parts.



Louis Cobarruviaz

Chief Of Police, San Jose PD

The transition couldn’t have been smoother. We were able to change over without any delay in order processing or sales commissions. Compared to what we were doing, this is heaven.




Ron & Hillie Adolphson

Owners, Scientific Spectrum

We knew we had a winner. With only 2 hours of training, every officer in the study was successfully able to use the software. Many of the officers had no prior experience using database systems. In some cases, the custom database reduced processing paperwork from 3 hours to only 1 hour for 8 hour shift! This is a good measure of the success of a product!”

John Coon

Senior Consultant, Watertechnics



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